Eat Noods, Not Trash!

Little Noodle is the place where great cooking and fantastic vibes meet. Our food is nutritious, delicious, and affordable, and we welcome diners young and old.  Try it and stop by today!


The food we serve at Little Noodle is healthy and delicious. Our ingredients are fresh and we cater to all types of dietary requirements. Check out our flavorful menu and get in touch to make a reservation!


The Goods

the goods come with choice of protein

Banh Mi 13

A soft baguette with pickled ginger carrots, cilantro, pâte, sriracha aioli, sunomono cucumbers, hoisin, fried garlic, jalapenos and choice of protein.

Pho-rrito 14

All the traditional Pho fixings, wrapped up in a warm tortilla and served with a side of broth to dip.

Build-it Bao Buns 14

Fluffy buns with your choice of protein included.  Served with micro greens, pickled ginder carrots, sunomono, hoisin and sriracha aioli.

Rice bowl* 14

Seasoned rice served with fresh seasonal veggies, your choice of protein and our soyaki sauce. Garnished with local micro greens and fried garlic.

Kalbi Beef Short Ribs 18

Marinated kabli beef served with a side of our seasoned rice. Garnished with fried garlic, local micro greens, and an Onsen egg and a sunomono cucumber salad

* Gluten Free     ** Vegan


Add your choice of protein

                             Tri Tip 5                              

Smoked Pork 5

Smoked Pork Belly 5

Smoked Tofu 5

Shrimp 7

Chicken 5

Pho 12 

Rice noodles in a full bodied beef base broth. Served with cilantro, onion, lime, jalapeno, cabbage blend, fresh basil, sriracha, and hoisin.

Ramen 12

Egg noodles in a miso broth served with pickled veggies, an onsen egg, curried corn, seaweed, local micro greens and togarashi.

Cold Soba 9

Soba noodle garnished with fried garlic and local micro greens. Served with wasabi sauce and our sweet black vinegar broth.

Udon Kimchi 12

Thick udon noodles tossed in a spicy Gojuchang sauce served with our vegan kimchi, an onsen egg and jalapenos. Garnished with togarashi, fried garlic and local micro greens. This comes in a beef base gojuchang broth. (can be made vegan upon request)

Noodle Salad 12

Choice of noodles in our peanut curry sauce tossed with edamame, cabbage blend and cilantro. Garnished with sesame seed, fried garlic and fresh local basil.


Small Bites

Fresh Springs Rolls* **7.00 (2)

Shrimp or Smoked Tofu

Wrapped in rice paper with fresh veggies, rice noodles and fresh local basil. Served with our house-made peanut sauce.

Musubi* **5 (1)

Spam or Smoked Tofu

Wrapped in seasoned rice and seaweed and garnished with fried garlic and served with our soyaki sauce.

Sake Clams* 13

1/2lb of steamed clams in a sake & lemongrass basil butter. Garnished with local micro greens and fried garlic.

Roti Canai** 6

Soft pita fry bread served with a peanut curry dipping sauce, garnished with fried garlic and local micro greens.

Edamame* ** 6

Choice of 

Sriracha garlic, Sea Salt or Black garlic truffle parm 

*Gluten Free    **Vegan

If you would like to learn more about our menu, please get in touch with us today.


Located at 713 W Garland 

Indoor and Patio seating
Carry out
Delivery through Treehouse and Uber Eats

  • Closed Monday

  • Tuesday 12-close

  • Wednesday 12-close

  • Thursday 12-close

  • Friday 12-close

  • Saturday 12-close

  • Sunday 12-6



713 W Garland
corner of Wall and Garland


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